7 Reasons Why Adaptive Games Make Great Gifts

Family Game Night 2022

The holiday gift-giving season seems to begin earlier every year. And while it may be unsettling to hear “Jingle Bells” blasting in your local Target in October, there’s nothing wrong with getting a jump on your holiday shopping.

If there are families on your holiday shopping list, consider an adaptive board game from Enabling Devices. Adaptive games ensure that everyone in the family can participate independently regardless of physical limitations.

Playing games together is a wonderful way to encourage family bonding and create memories that can last a lifetime. At the same time, games help children to build important social, motor, verbal and cognitive skills.

Below, are some of the top reasons why gifting an adaptive game makes great sense.

1. Games teach social skills
When children play games, they learn vital interpersonal skills such as turn-taking, patience, sharing, flexibility and impulse control. They also learn to follow directions and how to win and lose gracefully. Try breaking up into teams to teach children to play cooperatively and to enjoy healthy competition.

2. Games improve motor skills
When children roll dice, shuffle cards, move small pieces around a board, press buttons and activate switches, they’re practicing motor skills such as dexterity, pincer grasp, planning, arm strength and control, and hand-eye coordination. Adaptive games ensure that everyone in the family gets in on the fun.

3. Games build cognitive skills
Most games provide opportunities to practice color and letter recognition, counting and reading. They may also improve focus and memory and increase resilience by teaching children that it’s OK to lose.

4. Games improve communication skills
Games necessitate communication between players. Without realizing it, your child is working on their verbal skills or nonverbal communication skills while they play.

5. Games offer a break from screentime
Computers have their place, but there’s nothing like face-to-face interactions. Consider incorporating Game Night into your family’s routine on a weekly basis.

6. Games provide sensory stimulation
Adaptive board games stimulate the senses with lights, music and tactile features, which increase focus and help children to regulate their behavior and build nerve connections in the brain.

7. Games reduce stress
Game playing is a wonderful way to relax and elevate your mood. After all, games almost always lead to laughter, which creates endorphins. Who doesn’t need a lift now and then?

Enabling Devices offers the following adaptive game choices.

Don’t forget our High Roller  and our Switch Spinner so that everyone in the family can play!