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Dylan’s Super Friends

Ms. Martin and Mr. Keating teach a Preschool Inclusion class at the Warren Early Childhood Center. Many students come from low-income families. Items these students use at school are also helpful at home. Many items are expensive and not covered by insurance.

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Tubular VibratorSKU: 1151 $79.95 1 Add to Cart
810.2022 Plate SwitchSKU: 810 $59.95 1 Add to Cart
Black iPad wireless switch interface. iPad Wireless Switch InterfaceSKU: 1166

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$136.95 1
LED Fan 3D LED FanSKU: 2133 $79.95 1 Add to Cart
Lighted Musical Tunes Lighted Musical TunesSKU: 4550 $205.95 1 Add to Cart
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